We are a creative production agency, showcasing talent and brands at the forefront of our cultural landscape. 

Working closely with creators and lifestyle brands and digital our goal is to produce content that makes an emotional impact. 

Our drive is a celebration of personal expression, inclusivity and creativity. We are especially drawn to the spaces in and around fashion, music & contemporary culture 

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Who do we cater for

+ Fashion models

+ Commercial models

+ Influencers 

+ Digital Creators

+ Activists


Photo & Film
We want to shoot your social media content. Photos, videos, reels, stories and everything in-between. Weather your project is small, or big we have a package that will perfectly suit your needs. 

Content Workshops 
These are photo days for content creators where we find a cool location ( studio, outdoor location etc) you can book a mini shoot for an hour, and you get some content for your social media.

Content Retreats
Imagine going abroad with super cool, creative people, having fun, making connections and creating content for your brand. You will come back with exotic content to last you all year. 

Brand Sponsorships 
If you work with a lot of brands regularly and need someone to shoot your clothing hauls let us know. We can shoot, edit and post for you so you get in-front of all the people you need to 

Brand Event & PR
You have a club, party or a brand event and you need some photography or videography, we can help. Our aim is to capture the energy of your day or night to make people beg to come to the next one.

Content Memberships 
As well as taking on one off projects we also like to offer memberships to our clients who would like us to create their content on a monthly basis. Maybe its one a month or more, click here to find out more.

Recent Projects 

Kase Kamp
Kase Kamp
Kase Kamp


Model Agencies

Tell us about your project

If you feel like we could help you with your project, drop us a message and we will give arrange a time to talk you through all the details. No project is too big or too small. 


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